Board approves quarter million dollars in raises

One of the purposes of this blog is to report on the news that local reporters fail to report. Why am I reporting on it? Linn County Human Resources was open about a Compensation Study being underway; however, on Monday (9-9-2018) the Linn County Board of Supervisors (BOS) did not discuss the raises they approved during their meeting that day – click on Payroll Authorizations when the video appears.

Seems like raises as high as $18,000 per year should have garnered a news story. Seems like approving $233,730 in raises when you only budgeted $100,000 for raises should have garnered a news story. Seems like the Board should have been transparent with the news media and specifically indicated on their meeting agenda that they were approving $233,730 in raises that would require a budget amendment later this month. But none of that happened.

I am a transparency advocate.

The aforementioned compensation study was transparent right up to the most critical point … and then the BOS failed to be transparent. The same Supervisor(s) who contacted the news media to report an error made 10 years ago in one County office that will now cost the County $18,000, should be the same Supervisor(s) to contact the news media and tell them they are about to approve $233,730 in raises, which is $133,730 more than the BOS budgeted. It’s called transparency.

The news media failed to report; and the BOS failed to dislose; and the taxpayers are on the hook for $233,730 – and few people know about it … until now. – Joel D. Miller – Linn County Auditor

Board of Supervisors approved salary increases effective 9-9-2018 .pdf

2017-2018 Non-Bargaining Job Evaluation and Compensation Study Report Presentation – Linn County Iowa.pdf

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  1. Running to protect the taxpayers from the Big Spenders | Says:

    […] 9/9/2018, the Board handed out $233,730 in mid-year pay raises to some employees, which was $133,730 more than they budgeted.  Then on 9/26/2018, the Board decided to spend […]


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