Elections should not be pop quizzes

How many times have you entered the voting booth not knowing who you were going to vote for? Yes, you might have picked out your favorite for president or governor, but what about the other candidates, judges, and issues on the ballot?

Elections should not be pop quizzes!

With that in mind, starting today and ending later this week, every occupied household in Linn County should receive a letter from Linn County Election Services containing information about the upcoming election, two absentee ballot request forms for ballots to be delivered to you at home, and a sample of the ballot citizens will see when voting early/absentee or at the polls. The ballot has been customized for the citizens residing at the address specified on the envelope, BUT IT WILL NOT WORK WITH THE VOTING MACHINES AT THE POLLS ON ELECTION DAY.

If you routinely vote, you will notice two changes on the ballot: (1) straight party voting has been eliminated; and (2) candidates for each office are listed in the following order: Libertarian, Republican, Democratic, NPPO (non-political party organizations), and nominated by petition.

The Iowa Legislature eliminated straight party voting when they approved and the governor signed the Voter ID law in 2017.

I decided to list the Libertarian candidates first based upon my duty to run fair and impartial elections. The Libertarian Party has likely never been listed first anywhere. Ever.

So do your homework. Pay attention to the ovals you mark on the ballot. And vote for as many or for as few candidates as you like. And vote like your future depends on who you vote for, because it does.

I hope you find the information and the sample ballot helpful. I encourage you to use the forms to request a ballot at home if that is more convenient for you.

Elections should not be pop quizzes. And if you review your sample ballot when you receive it, they won’t be. – Joel D. Miller – Linn County Auditor

Sample ballot included in Linn County household mailer.pdf

Linn County Household Mailer with Absentee Ballot Request Forms_20180907.pdf

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