What if my absentee ballot request is received after 10/27?

What happens if my ABRF (absentee ballot request form) is received by Linn County Election Services after 10/27? You will receive a letter.

Why? Because the Iowa Legislature and Governor approved a change in Iowa law in 2017.

How many prospective voters will be disenfranchised because they did not know the law and thought they could submit ABRFs through 5pm on the Friday before the election?

Our office expects to receive over 1,000 requests for absentee ballots between October 29th and November 5th that we CANNOT fulfill due to the change in the law. Please contact your legislators if you have any questions or concerns. –Joel D. Miller – Linn County Auditor

One Response to “What if my absentee ballot request is received after 10/27?”

  1. Linn County Auditor Says:

    Want the current deadline for requesting absentee ballots to remain the same or change? Here are the candidates you can vote for in Linn County who can retain or change the deadline:

    Kim Reynolds (R) *
    Fred Hubbell (D)

    Senate District 33 (map)
    Edward “Bernie” Hayes (R)
    Robb Hogg (D) *

    Senate District 35 (map)
    Todd Taylor (D)
    No Opponent

    House District 65 (map)
    Liz Bennett (D) *
    George M. Olmsted (R)

    House District 66 (map)
    Teresa Daubitz (R)
    Art Staed (D) *

    House District 67 (map)
    Eric Gjerde (D)
    Ashley Hinson (R) *

    House District 68 (map)
    Molly Donahue (D)
    Randy Ray (R)

    House District 69 (map)
    Kirsten Running-Marquardt (D) *
    No Opponent

    House District 70 (map)
    Tracy Ehlert (D)
    No Opponent

    House District 95 (map)
    Christian Andrews (D)
    Louie Zumbach (R) *


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