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Treasurer seal replaces Auditor’s signature on ballots

July 26, 2019

Due to the insistence of a state senator from Scott County, all future ballots in Iowa will be printed with a county seal in the upper right hand corner of the ballot instead of your county auditor’s signature. Supposedly, the senator’s reasoning is that county auditors received an unfair advantage from having their signature on the ballot when they were running for re-election. Evidently, the senator forgot to check the Code of Iowa before proposing the legislation because the Code requires county seals to contain the word TREASURER.

So the next time you go to vote, check the upper right hand corner for the county seal containing the word Treasurer to confirm you received an official ballot.  Joel D. Miller – Linn County Auditor & Commissioner of Elections


Looking for great people to become great employees

November 14, 2017

Management openings. They are few and far between at Linn County. So share this with the great people you know who are looking for a great job with a great employer.

Current management openings are: Emergency Management Coordinator and Planning & Zoning Division Manager. The County Attorney is also looking for an Assistant County Attorney.

And of course, the County Sheriff is always looking for great people in what seems to be a shrinking pool of applicants who can qualify. Did you know the starting pay for a deputy sheriff working in the county jail is $26.21/hour, i.e., $54,516.80. Last year, three deputies made over $100K in combined regular and overtime pay.

You can view all of our job openings at Job Opportunities. Linn County: looking for great people to become great employees! –Joel D. Miller – Linn County Auditor


Mgt-EMA Coordinator November 13,2017.pdf

Electronic payments v paper checks

May 23, 2017

On 8/1/1977, I went on active duty in the US Army and the Army ordered me to fill out a direct deposit form for my monthly paycheck. Fast forward 40 years and Linn County still pays some employees and vendors via paper check. The attachment represents what occurs when paper checks do not get cashed.

The law and/or the County’s contracts with the unions prevent us from requiring every employee to signup for electronic payments. And while the Board of Supervisors could create a policy whereby we only do business with vendors who accept electronic payments, they have not done so yet.

Does your employer require its vendors to accept electronic payments? If yes, when did they make it a requirement? Do you work for a government agency which has required its vendors to accept electronic payments? If yes, when did you make it a requirement? Within the last couple of years, a number of vendors have signed up for electronic payments; however, as the attachment indicates – not all. -Joel D. Miller – Linn County Auditor

Veteran Affairs offers services to thousands of County veterans

April 24, 2017

Linn County Veteran Affairs (VA) provides a number of services to the County’s 15,891 veterans, which comprise 7% of the County’s population.

Over the years, VA has served me, too. As a veteran, VA confirmed my status so I could have the Veteran designation added to my Iowa driver’s license. And I have used VA to request military ribbons and medals that I did not receive prior to leaving active duty.

On a monthly basis, VA generates a brief report (see attached) which indicates the number of veterans served and for what purpose. According to their report, if the pace of walk-ins to VA continues for the next three months and every veteran served is unique, then VA will have served 23% of the veterans residing in Linn County in the current fiscal year. Veteran Affairs – Thank you for your service to veterans! -Joel D. Miller – Linn County Auditor


Downtown & centrally located and Linn County’s offices

December 3, 2008

I hear the words “downtown” and “centrally located” used so much that you might think they are interchangeable … but are they?

Does “downtown” Cedar Rapids = downtown Linn County?

Does “centrally located” in Cedar Rapids = centrally located in Linn County?

The geographic center of Linn County is located about a quarter mile south of County Home Road on 10th ST in Marion.

Based upon the 2000 census, the population center of Linn County is located near Zach Johnson Drive by Elmcrest Country Club in Cedar Rapids.

I don’t know the location of the “business center” of Linn County or the “economic center” of Linn County, but it’s probably NOT in “downtown” Cedar Rapids.

When we get to the point where we need to decide where to locate Linn County’s offices, let’s make a business decision based upon objective criteria – not emotions and politics.

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