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Bad Iowa felon list could reduce caucus attendance

December 13, 2019

Review finds 15 errors on ineligible felon voters list for 1 small Iowa county illustrates why a ‘Bad Iowa felon list could reduce caucus attendance.’  If you cannot register to vote, you cannot participate in the Iowa caucuses.

Recently, the Iowa Secretary of State vowed to have the Iowa Felon List (IFL) cleaned up prior to the November 2020 presidential election.  That’s not good enough!  Iowans will vote on (caucus for) presidential candidates on 2/3/2020.  Any errors in the IFL need to be corrected prior to 12/31/2019 before the political parties receive the official list of registered voters to be used for the caucuses.

Recently, I visited with an Assistant US District Attorney (USDOJ) and staffers for Senators Grassley and Ernst.  An edited version of my follow-up email to them is here.

In my email, I suggest the USDOJ file an injunction to prohibit the use of the IFL until it has been 100% audited and proven accurate.  The audit should be performed by an outside CPA firm – not government employees and not political parties.

The press has done its job by pointing out the IFL is bad.  Now is the time for someone at the Federal or State level to act to suspend the use of the IFL until it is fixed.  Who will right this injustice?  – Joel D. Miller – Linn County Auditor

Miller running for re-election

December 4, 2019

I have had a few people question if I am running for re-election as Linn County Auditor in 2020.  I am.  In September, I started going door-to-door with my nomination papers.

Today, I talked to Chairman Brett Nilles of the Linn County Democratic Party and requested he include my nomination papers in the precinct packets to be distributed for the upcoming caucuses.

When I ran in 2016, I thought that would be my last run.  One son lived in Wisconsin and my wife and I wanted to see his family more.  Another son lived in Central Iowa and we wanted to see his family, too.  Thankfully, our daughter and her family live in the Metro area.  The weekend drives to Wisconsin and the balancing act between families was starting to take a toll on us.  Not running for re-election appeared to be the solution.

Earlier this year, my son, daughter-in-law, and grandkids from Wisconsin moved into a house about 200 feet from our home.  No more exhausting weekend drives.  The balancing act still continues, but it is manageable.

So yes, I am running to be the Democratic nominee for Linn County Auditor in the June 2020 primary election.  Family considerations are not necessarily a good reason to run for re-election, but they certainly can be a major reason not to run.

I have other reasons for running for re-election and I will share those at the appropriate time.  Until then, Happy Holidays!  Joel D. Miller – Grandfather.  Paid for by Miller for Auditor

Voter registration party changes from the caucuses

February 9, 2018

The numbers below represent the changes in voters’ party preferences as a result of the political party caucuses held on Monday, February 5th. These changes reflect those that voted with their feet and attended the caucuses on a snowy night versus those who opted to stay home.

I don’t think you can draw any conclusions from these numbers, but I am certain someone will try. – Joel D. Miller – Linn County Auditor

Party Change Counts
Party Changes Number of Changes
Democrat to Republican 3
No Party to Democrat 19
No Party to Republican 2
Other to Democrat 2
Republican to Democrat 2

Newsflashes 1/1 – 1/17/2015

January 13, 2016

+Satellite voting at College Community & Springville Community School Districts for special elections

Absentee ballots now available for College Community School District

Online Caucus Locator Tool ready for Linn County

Special elections for Springville Community School and College Community School Districts

+ Added after 1/13/2016

Press release: La Herramienta de Búsqueda de Los Lugares de Votaciones Para Las Nominaciones Internas Está Ya Lista El Condado de Linn

January 13, 2016

Online Caucus Locator Tool ready for Linn County (English version) was published on January 8th.

 PARA PUBLICACION INMEDIATA – 13 de Enero del 2016

Contactar:  Tim Box – Sub-Comisionado de Elecciones

(319) 892-5300

(CEDAR RAPIDS, IA – 13 de enero del 2016)— La Oficina Electoral del Condado de Linn ha puesto a la disposición a través de internet una herramienta de búsqueda de los Lugares de Votaciones para las Nominaciones Internas del primero (1ro.) de Febrero.  Esta herramienta fue diseñada para proveerle asistencia a todos los residentes del Condado de Linn, que planean ser partícipes de las Nominaciones Internas.   La misma, fue diseñada con la colaboración de los partidos políticos Democrático y Republicano del Condado de Linn usando el mismo formato de la herramienta de búsqueda de la Oficina Electoral del Condado de Linn.  Paralelamente, esta herramienta ha sido actualizada para poder ser usada en dispositivos móviles.  Puede darle acceso a esta herramienta en

Como Funciona Este Localizador

Existen 3 pasos fáciles para localizar el lugar a donde usted pueda participar en la Nominaciones Internas.

Paso 1: Introduzca el número de su domicilio y haga clic en buscar.

Paso 2: Seleccione la calle en que vive en la lista resultante. Puede refinar la búsqueda si es necesario.

Paso 3: Vea los Lugares que han sido asignados a su domicilio por los partidos políticos.

Un enlace a los Mapas de Google para obtener la ruta a conducirse está disponible en la página resultante. Así mismo, usted podrá ver la fecha y la hora que comenzaran las Nominaciones Internas.

Otra Información Importante de Las Nominaciones Internas

  • Todas las personas tiene que estar en presencia física para poder participar. Las papeletas en Calidad de Ausencia no están disponibles.
  • Los Individuos deben de participar en los lugares que han sido asignados por sus partidos políticos.
  • El lugar de votación que la persona asiste durante una elección no es necesariamente el mismo lugar que se le ha asignado para las Nominaciones Internas.
  • Las Nominaciones Internas de ambos partidos políticos comenzarán a las 7:00 pm. A todos los votantes se les invita llegar temprano.

A pesar de que las Nominaciones Internas son administradas por los partidos políticos locales Democrático y Republicano, la oficina Electoral del Condado de Linn predice recibir numerosas consultas en referencia a los lugares seleccionados para las Nominaciones Internas los días que conducen al primero (1ro) de febrero.  Esta herramienta de búsqueda, le servirá al Servicio Electoral del Condado de Linn y a los partidos políticos locales a dirigir a las personas a sus lugares correctos de votación de la Nominaciones Internas.  Así mismo, esta herramienta le permitirá al público a encontrar la información sin ninguna otra asistencia.

Para más información referente a la conducción de las nominaciones internas, por favor llame a los respectivos partidos politicos.

Partido Democrático del Condado de Linn: (319) 431-7261

Partido Republicano del Condado de Linn: (319) 423-9467

### – Joel D. Miller – Linn County Auditor

How to fill out an ABRF (Spanish instructions)

December 28, 2015

Anyone following Iowa’s general elections has certainly observed the increased use of absentee ballots (aka early voting) starting with the 2000 presidential election through today.  For the 2016 presidential election, Linn County Election Services is preparing for the possibility that one-half of the County’s registered voters may vote PRIOR to election day.

One proposal being touted by me and other county commissioners of elections (aka county auditors) is to allow for permanent absentee ballot requests to remain on file so voters would not have to submit a request for each upcoming election.  That simple change in election law would give county commissioners the data they need to lower the cost of elections on election day, e.g., by reducing the number of employees at each polling place and by reducing the number of paper ballots being printed.  More on this proposal at a later date.

The following Spanish language video was created to aid those citizens who are more fluent in Spanish than in English in filling out an Iowa Absentee Ballot Request Form (ABRF).  Comments or inquiries should be addressed to Joel D. Miller – Linn County Auditor.

How to fill out a Voter Registration Form (Spanish instructions)

December 14, 2015

According to the US Census Bureau, the largest non-English speaking minority in Linn County speaks Spanish.  To assist US citizens who are more fluent in Spanish than English, I asked Mr. Edwin Valladares – Linn County’s Voter Outreach Coordinator – to create a Spanish language video on How To Fill Out An Iowa Voter Registration Form – a form which is only valid in English per Chapter 1.18 of the Code of Iowa.

If you have any questions after viewing the video, please contact me directly at 319-892-5333 or at – Joel D. Miller – Linn County Auditor

How to fill out an Iowa Voter Registration Form

December 10, 2015

Over the years, Iowa’s Commissioner of Elections (the Secretary of State) and Iowa’s County Commissioners of Elections (the 99 County Auditors) have simplified the official voter registration form; yet, our office and likely offices across the State continue to receive incomplete or improperly completed forms, i.e., unacceptable forms.  These unacceptable forms require elections personnel to issue letters and take additional steps which can become quite a burden on resources during presidential election years.

In order to try to reduce the number of unacceptable forms arriving at our office, we have produced a video on How To Fill Out An Iowa Voter Registration Form.

If you have any questions after viewing the video, please contact Election Services at 319-892-5300 option 1. – Joel D. Miller – Linn County Auditor

Out of staters in Linn’s precinct caucuses???

April 30, 2008

I heard the allegation again this weekend at the Second Congressional District Democratic Convention, i.e., “Illinois students and other out of staters participated in the Linn County Democratic caucuses on January 3rd” and changed the outcome.

While out of staters might have been on-hand to help organize various preference groups, the facts I have don’t support any allegation that those same out of staters, if any, were included when the preference groups counted off.

In fact, we only had 18 voter registrations inactivated from the Republican and Democratic caucuses due to the voter registration cards being returned (as underdeliverable by the USPS) to our office (see below).  That’s too small of a number to have affected the outcome of the caucuses.

If you have some facts to the contrary, please give me a call.

Figures for the time period between Caucus night 1/3/08 to 1/29/08 
Date totals taken 01/03/08 01/29/08 Increase/Decrease
Total Registered 139763 141060 1297
Number of Democrats 46324 51390 5066
Number of Republicans 36252 36806 554
Number of No Party 57186 52885 -4301
Number of Other 1 9 8
The Auditor’s Office processed the caucus changes from 1/3/08 to 1/29/08 as well as 
registrations from the DOT and regular mail also.  It was not strictly caucus changes.
Democrats Republicans No Party Libertarian Total
# of Forms submitted at the Caucuses 6,796 1,923 8,719
New Registrations from the Caucuses 776 263 66 1 1,106
Change Requests from the Caucuses 6,020 1,660 7,680
Inactives Due to Returned ID Cards
Precinct Number of Voters Number Returned by Party
2 3 Dem = 12
4 1 Rep = 5
8 1 NP = 1
18 1  
19 1  
29 1  
30 1  
33 1  
35 1  
40 1  
41 1  
FF 1  
FY 1  
HW1 1  
M1-3 1  
MVS 1  

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