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#BOSvacancy applicants from District 2

April 14, 2016

At yesterday’s Vacancy Committee meeting, Ms. Lisa Powell – Director of Human Resources, handed Committee members six (6) applications for the vacant D2 Supervisor position.  I am not going to post the applications online; however, if you want to see the applications, you can stop by my office, email a request to or attend the interviews, which are scheduled to begin at 1pm on 4/19/2016 and continue at 2pm on 4/20/2016.

The names and addresses of the initial six applicants are:

Mr. Ron Olson – 4019 Windham Woods Court SE – Cedar Rapids, IA  52402

Ms. Bronica Wilson – 12  27th Avenue Drive SW – Cedar Rapids, IA  52404

Mr. Brian Tvedt – 4728 Green Valley Drive SE – Cedar Rapids, IA  52403

Mr. Jerome W. McGrane – 1105 8th Street SE – Cedar Rapids, IA  52401

Mr. Eugene J. Kopecky – 4297 Fox Meadow Drive SE – Cedar Rapids, IA  52403

Mr. Rick E. Nusbaum – 7036 Waterview Drive SW – Cedar Rapids, IA  52404

The Committee will interview 3-4 applicants on the 19th and 3-4 applicants on the 20th, i.e., those residing in D2.  If no one is appointed from the D2 pool of applicants, then the Committee will interview applicants from outside of D2 who reside in Linn County.

I am pleased with the applications received thus far.  I encourage others to apply at before the 5pm deadline on 4/18/2016.  To confirm your current supervisor district, go to  Joel D. Miller – Linn County Auditor


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